EP’s Story

This is EP’s story:

I have been coming to Headway for about three years.  The staff and members have helped me when I was unusually depressed.  I am now happy and intend on staying that way.  Everyone at the Clubhouse is easy to talk to.  I went to a transportation meeting in which I was able to get help getting a number to an agency that can provide me with transportation.  Headway has also helped me with other transportation needs.  The staff has helped me through some of my work issues by letting me talk about my concerns and how to communicate my concerns with my boss.  I learned how to work in the snack bar and now I know how to count change.  Working in the snack bar makes me feel good about myself because I believe I could run the snack bar by myself if I needed to.  While working in the kitchen I learned how to cut vegetables and saute them to put over chicken.  I am now able to cook this at home for my husband.  I am eating healthier now and using the fitness room as well as at home.  I have lost weight as a result. ~EP

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