Transitional Employment:

Transitional Employment (TE) is Headway Clubhouse’s approach to re-introducing its members to real work experiences. TE positions are part-time (Monday through Friday day time hours), entry level, temporary (6-9 months) jobs designed to serve as stepping stones on the way to more permanent career opportunities. Placements are temporary in order to allow members to have a variety of work experiences as an integral part of their rehabilitation journey. Members often believe their first success is attributable to something special about the job or the setting….almost anything except the members’ own abilities. We want members to have several successful work experiences so that they can internalize their success.

Transitional Employment (TE) is a unique and effective model designed to benefit employers by addressing some of the common problems associated with operating a business, such as unexpected turnover, training, staffing, and maintaining high quality standards. Transitional Employment programs have been used in Clubhouses all over the nation to benefit both members and employers alike. The member is provided ongoing support from the Clubhouse and the Placement Manager.

Clubhouse staff learns the job in advance, and then take the responsibility for training the member, adding productivity, until the member, staff, and supervisor determine that the member is ready to work independently. Members do not require a fringe benefit package. Employers never have to worry that someone will not be there to do the job; Headway guarantees someone will be there when scheduled.

Current Transitional Employment Positions:

GymQuarters Gymnastics-Janitorial


Choices Apartment Complex-janitorial

Crider- St. Charles Location-janitorial

Supported Employment:

Supported Employmet (SE)  is an employment opportunity that is not time-limited. The position belongs to the member. In SE the clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assists with jobsite development and training. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The clubhouse does not provide absence coverage or transportation.

Independent Employment:

Independent Employment ( IE) is where the job belongs to the member.  The Clubhouse provides support within the Clubhouse.  IE jobs may be full or part-time.  The clubhouse does not assist with training, coverage, or transportation.