CB’s Story

This is CB’s story:

I have been a member for about nine years.  Headway has helped me through some of my hard times.  I have been able to learn a lot of my abilities by being at Headway.  Some of my abilities that I have learned I didn’t even know I could do, let alone wanted to do.  By being a member of the Clubhouse, I have been able to come out of isolation.  I have been able to learn skills that I can use in the community.  For example, I am a member of the Headway Advocacy Committee.  In this committee I have learned how to talk to people in an appropriate way so I don’t get in trouble.  I have also learned how to deal with a lot of different types of people.  I feel that I am needed at the Clubhouse.  I do a lot of different tasks at Headway.  Headway has also helped me deal with my physical illness by being supportive of my limitations and not being ridiculed because of the illness.  Being part of the Health and Wellness Unit I have been learning how to plan healthier meals by helping with the planning of what the Clubhouse eats for lunch.  Headway is a great resource for me.  They are assisting me in finding help that I need for my size and limitations.  They show people respect and make people feel they are needed.  I also help with route planning for our weekend activities. ~CB

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