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This is an anonymous story:

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1989 and have been hospitalized at least four times since.  I worked several jobs since my illness started.  In 1995  I got my driver’s license for the first time.  I went to college for pre-nursing and completed 2 years of it but did not earn my degree.  In 2001 I came to Headway with a recommendation from one of the staff.  I have been attending on and off since then.  Headway has helped me be able to learn how to function in society and has given me a purpose in life.  I have become a volunteer driver for Headway and feel it has contributed to the reason I feel I have worth in society.  I have recently been taking a leadership role in the unit by helping search for jobs and educational materials.  I want to be able to work again and to be a help to others in what I do. ~Anonymous

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